The Life and Mission of Scottie Somers

Founded in 2007 by Scottie Somers
LIVING THE DREAM FOUNDATION is Scottie’s gift, quest and desire to payback to a life that has been so amazing and fruitful to himself.
Scottie was born in 1966 and was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 3 months old. Years later it was brought to his attention and explained in greater detail by his Mother at the age of 12. Cystic Fibrosis (CF) has come a long way since then, bringing many new treatments and medicines to help improve the lives of the inflicted. But, the reality and story of CF is still the same…It’s terminal. Cystic Fibrosis is the leading hereditary killer of children around the World today.

Scottie has lived a big part of his life in and out of hospitals, always being admitted to the Oncology and CF wards. Despite this, he has NEVER lived his life with CF being at the forefront of his being. His heart and mind has always strived to be as “normal” as possible. He has had quite the colorful journey along the way, continuing to make a difference in every person’s life that crosses his path. Scottie has a great deal of love and compassion for people afflicted by all chronic and terminal diseases, he has been very close to many that have suffered and passed away over the years. Scottie has tackled his disease with the most positive attitude one can have in this situation and knows that “LIVING THE DREAM” daily is the secret and key to enjoying life to the fullest and feels compelled to share this message with the World.

Scottie has always had the fire of life in him for as long as he’s been alive. He has been able to experience all the wonderful things that anyone could ever want to experience and more… At the age of 29, when most feel like they’ve missed the boat on so many things they’ve wanted to do and accomplish in life, he seriously took up playing the bass guitar. At age 32, Scottie and lifetime best friend (since they were 6 yrs old) Dennis Hill’s Band LEFTY was noticed by Freeze Management. Freeze was a huge force in getting LEFTY signed to Interscope Records as well as locking down a publishing deal with Sony Music. Scottie’s band LEFTY was very fortunate to be able to tour for over 4 years with most all of their favorite bands including some of the following: The Foo Fighters, NoDoubt, Lit, Unwritten Law, Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Goldfinger, Sum 41, Jimmy Eat World, Fenix TX, New Found Glory, Weezer, Taking Back Sunday and many many more… LEFTY was fortunate enough to play on the Warped Tour (two separate Years), traveling across the Nation and into Canada; this is where Scottie met his mentor and friend Kevin Lyman.

In his whole music career, Scottie only missed three shows due to his illness. His good friends came to his rescue and temporarily filled in for him while he was admitted to the hospital. Willy from Fenix TX, Benji from Good Charlotte, and Lorenzo from LEFTY all picked up the bass guitar to honor and relieve their good friend so that he could concentrate 100% on getting better. Of course Scottie wasn’t only sick these three times during his music career, he actually played many shows with high fevers, pneumonia, pancreatitis and while on IV’s. You would have never known this though, because Scottie can always get out of bed and muster up a smile at any time, regardless of his sickness and pain.

How did LIVING THE DREAM FOUNDATION come to fruition?

In 2007, after defying all odds and reaching the 40 year old plateau, Scottie deeply felt the need to do something more, something meaningful, giving back to a life that has been so prolific to himself all these years. “LIVING THE DREAM FOUNDATION” (LTD) was this answer and gift Scottie yearned to share with the World and all in need.

Through music, Scottie has met some amazing people that have become life-time friends. One of those special friends was Bob Hurley, Founder of Hurley International, a subsidiary company of Nike. Scottie met up with his good friend and mentor Bob on the 2nd Friday of May 2007 in search of direction. Bob listened intently and then gave him priceless advice. By the end of their meeting, Bob Hurley graciously offered to support Scottie’s Mission, solidifying Hurley as LTD’s first corporate sponsor. This gift provided LTD a solid platform to build on and continues to help contour the Foundation to this day.

Scottie feels very lucky and fortunate to be at this place in his life. He is blessed to have the family and friends that he has, his good health, and the many opportunities that are ahead for the millions of people that will be positively affected by his Mission of Love.

THANK YOU to all that just read this and to all that want to help in our Mission to make dreams come true for our LTD Children.

"I plan on continuing to always change and reinvent myself to be the best Scottie I can be, helping as many people as I can, for as long as I live. My Mom raised me right, teaching me to not put restrictions and boundaries on myself because of my disease. I want to help others to follow this same recipe of NOT building their self-foundation solely on their affliction, but on who they are as a whole person.

Cystic Fibrosis is like the ocean and I am like the sand, it comes in and out of my life like waves and helps shape me to be the Man that I am, but it is not who I am…..I am Scottie Somers – the Luckiest Man Alive!
Thank You to My Family, Hurley Company, 4Fini Family, Team SGE, all of our Amazing Sponsors, Bands, Management Companies, Record Labels, Booking Agents, Production Companies, Worldwide Tours and Festivals. I would like to extend a Very Special Thanks to Bob Hurley, Roger Wyett, Kevin Lyman, John Reese, Kacie Quigley, Patricia Weingart, Dennis Hill, Louis Posen, Ryan Hurley, Sean Akhavan and Our LTD Team Leaders for all the Love they’ve shown us and our LTD Mission throughout the Years…..
Also NEVER EVER Forgetting the ones that aren’t present on Earth with us anymore;
Rest In Peace Angels, I Lovingly Dedicate

“Death does not scare me, for I have witnessed and felt great pain; not Living The Dream scares me,
for a life not sharing and caring, is a life wasted in vain.”  ~Scottie Somers